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Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Apples in the Garden

Dress - Hell Bunny: Sheila Dress in Black
Shoes - Op Shop
Hair scarf - eBay 

A few weeks ago, my best friends and I took a trip to the city, as Harlow Darling was visiting from interstate. We decided to visit the Chinese Friendship Gardens in Darling Harbour which was such a fabulous place! We each took turns taking each others photographs ( Gracefully Vintage took these), and had a fun time, despite having to wait for the tourists to not be in our shots! We later had a coffee at the Guylian Chocolate Cafe which was superb! 

I have been struggling with my hair lately, due to me letting it grow out, so I've been trying all different methods under the sun to make the curls stay in! But on this day, I  finally found a way that worked! I was so excited, I finally felt like a proper pin up!

As my readers may not know, I have only officially been delving in the Vintage/Pin up Style for over a year now, so I'm still learning new things everyday! But thanks to my fabulous friends, they have helped me grow my image in such a short amount of time. Thanks so much Gracefully Vintage and Harlow Darling! 

Fun Fact about me: During shoots, I will often dance to ease my nerves! (pictured above) Do any of you have trouble taking pics in public? I look forward to your comments! 

Renee Ribbons xox


  1. Really beautiful your Hell Bunny dress! :)
    I've just posted a blog post of myself wearing a different style Hell Bunny dress in that apple print if you like to have a look/read.

    1. Thank you Camilla, I will be sure to have a look! :D x

  2. How resplendently beautiful! I have this exact same Hell Bunny apple print dress and love it to no end. It came with me on a trip to Vancouver Island last fall (where I sported it for a shot at the Pacific Ocean in a town called Parksville) and was a frequent wardrobe player all fall long. I really want to do a shot in an actual apple orchard (fittingly :)) with it this year (or at least one day during the fall).

    Big hugs & many thanks for your caring, lovely comment on this week's new vintage outfit post,
    ♥ Jessica

    1. Thanks so much Jessica! Wow! That sounds so lovely, photos in an apple orchard would be the best :D Yes I've been enjoying reading your blog for a few weeks now, but as you know, I've only recently started my own blog so now I can comment and what not!

      Thank you for taking the time to comment such a lovely in depth paragraph, you're so sweet! <3

  3. I have always loved this dress on you and I had fun taking your photos in the garden! Beautiful as always x

  4. I want that dress!!! You looked so amazing that day, perfect hair <3

  5. hello there,ciao Renee
    You have a such great Blog!
    this post is very nice:Beautiful photos full of marvellous colours and Your outfit is gorgeous on You! also Your poses are lovely & perfect...very Pin-up style...charming...cheers!