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Thursday 5 November 2015

Diner Doll

Dress: Bernie Dexter
Shoes: Vintage

Last weekend I had the great pleasure of Competing in Pin Up Doll Australia which was AMAZING! The lovely organisers of the comp introduced me to this fabulous American Diner which I just had to get photos in.

So sorry for my hiatus with blogging! After a good 4 months off, I am back! I have a lot to share with  you over the following weeks, and I finally have time yay! So please stay posted and I shall be showing you all the fabulousness that was last weekend. 

Renee Ribbons xox

Wednesday 22 July 2015

60's Vibes

 Dress: AVA Design 
Shoes: Vintage
Coat & Glasses : Vintage

Hey Guys, Yet again I am so sorry for not posting, this month has been busy busy for me! 
As you may have noticed, I had all my hair chopped off! So I thought what a better way to show it off, than to channel my inner Megan from Mad Men! 

I have been wanting to do a 60's shoot for a very long time but I hadn't managed to pull it off, but after getting my hair cut, I thought I looked a little like Megan Calvet, Jessica Pare's Character from the TV Series Mad Men. 

I received this vintage coat from my lovely neighbour from her collection of fantastic 60's stuff and my funky sunnies are from my Step-Grandmother which I'm so happy to have received. 

Renee Ribbons xox 

Wednesday 8 July 2015

Ready, Steady, Go!

Dress: Steady Clothing
Shoes: Target

So sorry for the lateness of this post! Not only am I currently unwell (thanks Winter), my computer wasn't letting me upload any pictures for the last few days! Any who, I managed to get it all sorted thankfully. 

A few days ago Kayla (GracefullyVintage) and I got together for yet another shooting session and we decided that this stunning dress would work really well with a road landscape, as it reminded me of  something a successful city worker would wear. 

I love how this dress is so classy casual, if I worked in an office, I would definitely wear this kind of thing everyday. It's such a flattering style regardless of the fact that it's a few sizes too big for me. 

Renee Ribbons xox

Sunday 28 June 2015

Berets & Polkadots

Dress: Unique Vintage
Coat: Forever New
Beret: Forever New
Shoes: Mel

Last week Gracefully Vintage and I went to shoot in a new park I haven't been to before. It was super cute and I was very excited because I had yet to shoot in beautiful brown fallen leaves! I thought it was perfect for my first proper winter post. We decided to bring her gorgeous dogs while we were out, and thought, why not get them in a few shots! 

This is such a fun dress. I have had this dress since the very start of my Pin-Up/Vintage journey, so its very exciting to finally feature it on my blog! Kayla also insisted I shoot my beret because she fell in love with it a few years back, and we thought it matched my whole look appropriately. 

Not sure if its noticeable or not, but I have been on a bit of a health kick recently to get fit and start looking after myself. I am about a month into it right now, and so far I've lost over 9cm/4in in my waist and tummy, so I was thrilled to know that I can now fit back into this dress. If you guys would like to see any posts on my journey or lifestyle change please let me know and i'll be happy to share it with you!

Renee Ribbons xox

Sunday 21 June 2015

Pin Up Poppies

Dress: Cherry Dollface dress by Steady Clothing 
Gloves & Shoes: Vintage

You can really feel the winter set in here in Australia right now! I've been so keen to shoot this dress despite the weather, and we managed to get a few shots  in before the rain started to pour. We were absolutely freezing and the sprinkling made all my curls fall out! Despite all this, I still had a ball, it's  always so much fun, especially in a wiggle dress. 

I was so happy I found this location as I felt it matched perfectly with my look! It's a new fountain  sculpture that we found in Gosford that is situated in a lovely park along the water, I felt the green grass made my outfit really pop. 

This dress is super comfy! I made the mistake of getting 1 size too big though, as the measurements on the website were completely off. I opted for the larger size to accommodate my tummy and hips, but there is so much stretch in the fabric that the smaller size would have fitted my smaller areas a lot better rather than falling off.  In saying that, it is still such a beautiful dress, I can see why it's a best seller because it made me feel amazing. I will definitely be buying plenty more wiggle dresses in the  near future! 

Renee Ribbons xox