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Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Ready, Steady, Go!

Dress: Steady Clothing
Shoes: Target

So sorry for the lateness of this post! Not only am I currently unwell (thanks Winter), my computer wasn't letting me upload any pictures for the last few days! Any who, I managed to get it all sorted thankfully. 

A few days ago Kayla (GracefullyVintage) and I got together for yet another shooting session and we decided that this stunning dress would work really well with a road landscape, as it reminded me of  something a successful city worker would wear. 

I love how this dress is so classy casual, if I worked in an office, I would definitely wear this kind of thing everyday. It's such a flattering style regardless of the fact that it's a few sizes too big for me. 

Renee Ribbons xox


  1. Such a doll! Love that colour on you too x

  2. I like the colour and style of this dress. It is definitely something I would wear

  3. The colour and shape look fabulous on you and I adore the fact that the jacket is just a little different! Kx