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Sunday, 3 May 2015

Cherry Nice Woods

Cardigan - Sourpuss
Skirt - Heartbreaker/Heart of Haute

I found this gorgeous place along the river which reminded me of some sort of enchanted forest! I fell in love with the location and decided that we must try it out. I loved the versatility in the area and that it was very quiet also. I decided that my beautiful cherry skirt by Heart of Haute (formerly known as heartbreaker) and my Sourpuss cardigan were a perfect match for this cute little spot. 

My wonderful friend Kayla has been helping me with my facial expressions in this set as all I like to do is smile! So I am very pleased with this shoot as I feel like I am progressing with each photo set, by trying to mix it up with my expressions and posing.

I'm super excited for the start of Autumn/Winter weather ( except for the rain) to hit us, because I really adore my cardigans and coats! I love feeling all warm and cosy, especially with a nice coffee in hand. 

Renee Ribbons xox


  1. LOVE this outfit, I love anything with a cherry print and the colours are stunning <3 You look amazing :)

  2. Really great poses and photos there and I love your cherry skirt and cardigan! :)

    1. Thanks so much Camilla, I've been practicing! :)

  3. So lovely! I really like shooting in woodland-y settings like this, too. They're one of my favourite places to spend time period, so if I can include a photo shot in one, all the better.

    You look so pretty! Would you believe it, I don't actually own a cherry print dress (or skirt, for that matter). This isn't intentional, I've just never chanced upon a vintage on or found a repro one that I simply couldn't pass up. I'd love to (find one) though and then I could do a post about that very fact. Thankfully my wardrobe is not cherry-less though. I've got two cherry print tops and some accessories featuring this charming fruit, including at least four brooches.

    Happy start of May!
    ♥ Jessica

    1. Thank you so much Jessica! Yes I love the woodland-y feel, I was quite surprised to find a spot like that around my area as I live on a very beachy coast!

      Wow sounds like quite a selection you've got going there! I'm so in awe of everyones vintage wardrobes as I am only just starting out my collection. I can't wait to have lots of outfits to choose from like you! x

  4. Love this outfit! So gorgeous, such a fun day :) x